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I had four enjoyable plans and one unexpected reunion today. I went to Kyoto and took a ballet lesson in the morning. I really worked up a good sweat in the class as usual. After that, I attended the musical performance at a big theatre. My seat was close to the front, and it was stunning. The performance was really interesting and I thought it had an important message, so I was very impressed by the stage. After the performance, the cast shows up, and I could talk to them and take pictures. One of the performers was my friend, but I couldn’t meet her. She was shining on the stage, and I felt that she really enjoyed being and performing there. The theatre was close to a big shopping center, so I went there to take coffee at a cafe which my classmate’s work. The coffee that she made was great. On my way to the shopping center, I met my English teacher from the high school I graduated by chance. I was lucky to have the chance to talk with her. Since I bought a pretty red flower as a Christmas present at a florist, took a train to Kobe, and met my old friend. The flower I bought was a gift for her. We went to the “Kobe Luminarie” which is the beautiful and popular illuminations. I saw many photos of the decoration before I went there, but it was the most beautiful to see it by myself. We laughed a lot, and we enjoyed walking through the Light Tunnel.


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12 November

Today, I did a student staff of the ZEN event for university students. I visited one of the greatest temples in Kyoto.
After the introduction of the temple, we practiced Zazen. By concentrating on myself in a silent space, I could be refreshed and noticed something important. Also, a Buddhist sermon by a monk, it was very interesting and I felt I could practice them in my daily life. The most impressive story was a poem, “Hakimono wo soroeru” which means “putting my shoes together.” When I take off my shoes, I often forgot to put them nicely at my home because I always want to go up to the dining room and have a meal. However, after I heard about this poem, I am trying to put them nicely every day.
Through a group discussion, we talked about what is ZEN which has been receiving a lot of attention all over the world, what did we feel by practicing Zazen, How the different values affect us. I could expand our world by sharing the opinions. Spending three hours together, and we could get to know each other better.
At the end of the event, we had a Japanese vegetarian cuisine. It was a heartwarming and great meal.


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I went to Victoria and Vancouver, Canada last month. One of my great memory is that I took a Japanese history class at the university in Victoria. We had a lecture first, and in the last of the class, We did a discussion with students in the class. In the discussion, we talked about “Multiculturalism.” Canada is a country of diversity, and many kinds of cultures and languages have been coexisted. I visited the Stanley Park which is a very famous park in Vancouver. At the park, there was a Chinese man playing the traditional Chinese instrument. There were many tourists came from many different countries, and they listened to the music. My friends and I were talking in Japanese, some people did in French, and many others did in English. I thought the situation showed me a part of globalized world. So I told this story through discussion to the university students. They nodded, and we also talked many other stories after that. I was glad to have such a chance to discuss about Multiculturalism in Canada which has a multicultural society.
My friends, teachers, and I visited two universities in Canada, and we were inspired by the university buildings and systems. The most interesting part was the “Student Union.” There was a building called “Student Union,” and the inside, it was like a food court. There were some food shops, the student center, and the movie theatre. Why I was surprised is that all of them were managed by the university students. The shop manager and the shop clerk were both university students. We felt at home, and had a great time there.


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2017, 5, 27

Today, I visited Arashiyama with my mother. The weather had been really beautiful whole day.
For taking a lunch, we went to the tofu restaurant first. We could see the Togetsu bridge from the restaurant, and the garden was so nice. In the course we had, there were many kinds of tofu dishes such as the soy milk soup, the natural soy milk, maccha tofu, soba tofu, tofu sheet (yuba), fried tofu, and tofu dressing. Everything was perfect and I felt happy every moment!
After the lunch, we visited Rokuonji-temple, Nisonin, Jyojyakkoji-temple, Ookochisanso, and the bamboo forest. Even though they were not the first visiting for both of us, the harmony of the green leaves and the sun light had been making the temples more and more beautiful.
My mother and I talked a lot, laughed a lot, and I sang many songs under the blue sky while we were walking around Arashiyama area! I got a little windmill made of paper and bamboo.
It was such a lovely day.


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30th. April

In one of the class in my university, I read the article about education. The title was “The Working Class Finds Little Support.” I realized about the number of that 30 million American children enter high school but only 6 million of them ever receive a college degree. There has been a bad cycle which leads a jobless society, and many people are facing to the national problem of low income. I think that we need to have classes specialized in something such as the apprenticeship programs and technology courses. For me, I’m taking two types of classes in the university, one is focusing on the real experience and the other one is a lecture style. In another case, one of my friend in Germany had decided to be a bootmaker, and he became someone’s apprentice after he graduated from junior high school. So I think the most important thing is that children can choose what they want to do except the communities common sense, and the nation need to cooperate with them even there is a financial problem. I also think the balance is important between some special skills education and liberal arts education from their early ages.


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26th. February

I went to the Yakushima island for four days with my friend. I visited many kinds of mountains and the water falls, and I really enjoyed all of them. During this trip, one of the taxi driver told us very interesting story of the natures in the Yakushima island. So I am going to write about it today.
Until few years ago, people could see the Yaku deers and the monkeys in the mountains. However, we have chance to see them very rarely these days. That’s why they are killed by human every year. When the Yakushima island was registered as a World Heritage Site, all the animals in the island were protected. Because of the protection, the number of the Yaku deers and the monkeys have increased. So people have to stop this situation now because they eat the fresh seed of the trees in Yakushima.
In old days, there were the Yaku dog which is one of the types of a wolf. They were living near the sea coast because they are a wild animals, so they need the salty taste. They hunt the other animals such as deers in a group. However, people cut the trees around the sea to live there, and the place where the wolfs keep theirselves hidden from the other animals was disappeared. This is the reason that the Yaku dog became extinct. Because of this fact, the natural laws in the Yakushima island has violated.
I felt sad when I heard about this situation. As a man sows, so shall he reap.
The Yakushima island is very beautiful place, and the people are really kind.


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Today, I watched a Noh performance. There were so many people in the theatre. I watched the KAGEKIYO (景清), the Shimai (仕舞), the HAGI-DAIMYO (萩大名), and the TATSUTA (龍田) today.
Of course the performance starts with a sound of the Noh pipe. I learned that the sounds made before the performance begin is their tuning. The shouting was also like one of the music. “Iyoo~~,” or, “Hho~~” made sounds, and there were various kinds of voices shouted during the performance, so it had been making a harmony. I also felt the melody in the actor’s lines, but I did not understand what they are saying about. On the other hand, I could imagine their words with their gesture and their act behavior. I realized that in Noh performance, the light of the hall seats are not put off. In the western style stage, it is usually put off during the audience watching a stage. So I searched about it. I learned that if the light put off in Noh theatre, the actors wearing Noh masks cannot see the directions because the field which is visibly for them is very narrow.The performers sitting in line in the right of the stage were also changed little by little such as changing the way of holding a fan. They were made a perfect teamwork.
I thought that there were less movement. Also there were no smiling. I do ballet, and the basic face in those arts on a stage is smiling. So Noh stage is really fresh for me. As the other example, the balance of the body wight is the under in Noh performance though it is up in ballet. For this situation. I found more other examples of comparing Noh (The Japanese style) and ballet (The Western style). The scenery of the stage has not changed in Noh stage. I think that’s why the performance itself is very important, and it has a lot of meanings and stories in Noh performance.
If I will have a chance to watch the Noh performance at Noh theatre in the future, I would like to watch it from the sight of Wakishoumen (脇正面). Last time, after watching the Noh performance, I searched about the sitting seat of Noh theatre. There are three patterns, the Shoumen (正面), the Wakishoumen (脇正面), and the Nakasyoumen (中正面). I’ve never watched from the Wakishoumen, but the spot is close to the hall way. For the normal stage, I can only watch the performance from the head-on. So it is very special thing that I can watch the stage from the sidelines. Also, the hall way (the Hashi-gakari) is not only for the hall way to the stage, but also for the space which the spiritual things come to this world. So I could be in close to such a particular space.


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29th Decembdr

I have never heard the word "Kodo" until today. Kodo is an incense ceremony, and it is one of the traditional Japanese art forms. In Kodo, we do not smell the incense but listen. Through listening to the incense, all our senses be sharpened and we can concentrate on the fragrances.
In today's workshop I participated, I played Sanshu-ko, a game we listen to three types of incenses and guess which of them are the same or different. The purpose of the game is not getting the correct answer, but listening and appreciating the fragrances of the valuable incense wood in a relaxed environment.
I felt that the style and the spirit of Kodo is similar to Sado (The Japanese tea ceremony) or Kado (The Japanese flower arrangement). It was really nice and new experience for me.


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October 30th

Today, I visited Nara as a field trip with my classmates and the teachers.
In the class, we learn about Noh which is the Japanese traditional performance. So we went to some temples and shrines related to Noh.
The most impressive thing for me was that I could see the 正倉院 (Sho-so-in). It was more simple and bigger than I expected. The building used to be separated into two parts. Now they are connected and it’s a big wooden building. I would like to go to 正倉院展 (The exhibition of the treasures kept in 正倉院) someday.
It was the second time to visit 二月堂 (Nigarsu-do). Last time, it was the day of 修二会 (Shuni-e), so there were a lot of people, and I visited in the night. It was in the afternoon that we visited today, so the impression was a little bit different. I like 二月堂 because the view from the second floor is so nice, and the long slope bridge is interesting.
“Simple, and beautiful.” I felt this feeling many times in Nara. I think it’s the Japanese culture.


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Sep, 30th

Today, I read one of the article about the education. From the reading, I felt that the important things for education are its curriculum and the environment of learning.
Recently, although more and more people go to university, many students don't like learning at school. One of its reason is that they cannot feel fun in their classes. "Being in a box of a room encourages box thinking," I agree with the idea. I think it's very interesting to create a new type of architectures for universities. Student's surely can get fresh ideas at "surprise" spaces (unexpected rooms, focused on art). My teacher have been to Finland to see the education there. He told me that the teacher's room of an elementary school in Finland is like a lounge. There are smart furnitures, many coffee cups, some snacks, big windows, big sofa, big table, and it was opened space. I heard that such a free space is also important for a workplace, and I think a fresh idea comes easily from relaxed brain.
These days, it is said that an active-learning is good. The class I take in my school is one of them because I'm able to work in a small group, and my opinions are always needed. On the other hand, the classroom is still just a box. In my school, there's a class room which shows the new style of learning space, but I also think more rooms contained "Asobi (あそび) are essential. That's why creating by students should be improved.
I couldn't understand clearly about the first article, but I felt that students complain about their grades is not bad because they are having voices in their education.


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